How to enable or disable startup apps in windows 10

Sometimes when you start your personal computer based on Windows 10 you feel like it’s taking too much time to boot and some un-necessary apps open up on each restart.

Well there is a simple solution in order to remove this problem from your life. After all there are many problems everyone has then why add one more.

First thing you need to do is right click on your menu bar. When you right click on it you will see a task bar menu, where you have to select Task Manager.

Second bit is once your task manager is open then click on a sub menu called start up. Once you click it you will see all apps enabled to start on windows startup. But remember one thing there are apps which were selected to start once you boot your computer but you might have disabled it before so don’t enable them again.

The last bit would be to select those apps which you done want to start while you boot your computer.

Just right click on them and select if you want to enable or disable them.

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