5 Undeniable Reasons to Love guest post

If you understand the power of guest posting in SEO world then you also understand how you could leverage the power of guest posting in order to become expert in your niche.

In this article, I would like to share 7 reasons why guest posting still works and how you could make a 5 figure salary every month by just following my secret formula.

1. Establish Authority

In order to become a domain expert in your niche. The first fundamental thing you need to understand is; you have to reach out to every single individual who is connected with your niche one way or another. And to achieve this you need to write amazing content which solves real-life problems.

There are two ways you could do this.

  1. You could hire someone to write it for you.
  2. You could write it yourself.

There are many guest post service available online who can help you out with your content creation tasks. Although you have be very careful before hiring anyone because not everyone understands how to write SEO optimised contents.

Guest posting service mostly reaches out to the blog owners and ask them if they allow other authors to submit a guest post on their blogs.

Depending upon the blog owners will. If he or she allows them to do that, they also seek out to ask for any backlinks for there product or services. Which adds SEO juice to there own blog post or web page.

2. More Seo Juice

Once you made your mind to start doing guest post publishing. Then you have to decide on how much resources you need to spend on this task. Obviously you cant invest all of your time and resources for if. So what are the parameters which will help you understand how much resourse is worth investing in this activity.

Well looking at different guest post sites it seems like there are multiple people who are looking for guest posts and guest bloggers.
blogging write for us

If you reach out to interested bloggers and offer them to write for there blog with a unique and engaging approach. Then there is 35% possibility they will say yes. That means 3 out of 10 people you will reach out for the guest post might get back to you with an open invite. If you want to see it working try searching on google “SEO submit a guest post“. You will see lots of results. You can go on each of them and reach out to understand what they require in order to publish your content on their blog. My personal experience is with technology blogs. I searched “submit guest post technology” and reached out for 10 bloggers.

And I was amazed by the response.

3. Encourages Reciprocal Writing

When you start looking online which blogs allow guest posting. You search for blogs looking for writers. Then once you found them you reach out to them in order to publish your engaging and unique content on their blogs. Now imagine if a loyal writer writing amazing contents for you for a long time. Will you consider doing the favour back? Indeed you will thats human nature.

Because you have build up a relationship with this blogger and now you want to go to next level where you can also help him out same way he has been helping out you from a long time.

Let’s talk about an example. Let’s say you are looking to do a guest post travel. You go online and you search for guest posting sites 2018 or maybe you search for business submit guest post. This will give you thousands of results. So you dig down and look for guest post guidelines, and you only choose those blogs who have reasonable guidelines to follow up.

Then you reach out to those blogs and the moment blog owner responds you back. You grab that opportunity and make sure you do whatever it takes in order to maintain your relationship with the blog owner. This is just the first step towards your new relationship with this blog.

4. More Followers

In today’s scenario we all know that if you are an authority in your niche then your credibility will be judged by number of followers you have.

Indeed if you have more followers then it means you have influenced at lead 3 times the number of people follow you. For example in 2008 when I was learning about how the guest post works. I use to search for what is guest blogging and a lot of blog posts and articles were in front of my eyes. After reading many of them I realised that not all of them has updated information and to the point content.

Knowing that I had to do something about it. So I have written an article which explains all the aspects of guest blogging. Which generated tons of traffic for my blog and I realised how powerful is content writing. People who read my blog post started contacting me. They asked me if I could write a piece of content for them. Which pushed me to think about how to get paid for blogging on wordpress, because if people are contacting me a newbie in 2008 then how much an established content writer must be getting. Although in order to get lots of content writing orders I had to showcase clearly how many people visit my old blog post on daily basis and how many people are subscribed to my newsletter.

5. Diversified Online Real Estate

You might have seen many bloggers who run only one blog or have couple of websites where they publish content regularly. Although if you follow guest posting tactics then you are adding multiple online real estate into your portfolio. Now how does that helps you?

Well imagine you run a travel blog and you publish content on it every fortnight. After doing all social media sharing and a little bit advertising you are generating 100 visitors a week. But if you go online and search for travel submit guest post or submit a guest post travel, you could contact blog owners who have already established themselves in the industry and have a lot of credibility.

Reaching out to them and asking them for guest posting opportunity will enable you to put your content in front of there audience. Which means they are giving you there online real estate to park your content on it.

Below are some search queries you could use in order to find out online available opportunities in your niche.

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If you think that guest posting is something you would like to invest in then don’t think twice. Go ahead and start doing it now. Because you will see your efforts repaying you within the next few months.
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